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Sunday, 23 October 2011

final exam =.=

Last week on 16th October 2011 , the lower six students in my school had sitting the final examination . errr , what should I said about it ? nervous ? LOL , of course . I know you will feel the same too when the examination weeks start . I didn't realised how's fast the time runned in half of this year . after 5-6 months we were studied together and then on 16th Oct we would started our journey to get the best result in examination .

My teacher was informed about the examination one week before it started . when I heard it , the first question I was asked my good friend , "eh why the final exam come too early this year ? " even after the examination , the students have 2 weeks more to finish their school days . so in the another days after examination done , what we should do ? if we decide to absent to school on the days , of course the dicipline teacher will take our name and give to the new principal . ( jangan cari pasal ! ) so , any idea ? should we just come to school , enter the class and then 'you look at me and I look at you ' ? haha , joking . I mean , after examination end , we are spend the time to do nothing at school . so boring day . I think it more better if the final exam start and then end on the last day school . but nevermind , no matter what , I will sit the examination on that date eventhough my heart terjerit-jerit cakap 'no,no,no!' . so , what should I do ? simple things , just study sungguh-sungguh , pray to Allah and try to do my best . :)

Actually , I'm not feel so nervous in this exam . it's maybe because of I had studied as much as I could before the examination start . eventhough in that time , my heart were not confirmed yet to go where ; uitm or just stay in form 6 ? now I was made the decision about it . yeahh , form 6 is better for me . please don't ask me why I choose to just stay in form 6 . maybe I think from form 6 , I have the easy way to go to the university . perhaps from the form 6 way , I can get at least 3.50 in STPM'12 and then be a university student after that . insyaAllah . :)

So back to the story , the final examination . yeah , I will sit the examination in three weeks ( 16th October - 3th November ) . actually , we just take our papers in 2 weeks only . but because of the deepavalli day on second week , we will break for a week and then continue the examination in third week . the gaps between the 1st to the 3rd week can help me to feel cool back . eventhough the one week is just short time , but it is more than enough for me to make the preparation on the next week . first week of examination already finished . yeahh , today is the break time . let me tell you about my examination in 1st week .

16th October : Bahasa Melayu 2
- seriuosly , the questions is not too hard to answer . dah buat latihan banyak-banyak . alhamdulillah :)

17th October : Economic 2
- really suck . I'm not sure what I had answered for the questions . hope I will get better marks for this killer subject .

18th October : General Study 2
- errr , I had made the small mistake . I'm worrying if it will make my marks lower than grade B . --'

19th October : History 1 & Economic 1
- so bad , two subjects must study in one day . ( jangan contohi saya =.= ) so on that day , the facts of history and economic subjects were mixed in my mind . but alhamdulillah I still can control myself from panic . syukran ya Allah to help me answer all the questions easily . so I hope ( espically for history subject ) I will get better marks . insyaAllah :)

20th October : no subject
- I don't have any subject on this day . hooreyyy ~ time to release pressure ! :D

See you next time !
Papai ~

Sorry for the wrong words .
It's my first post in english .
I know there is many wrong grammars .
Sorry :)


amalin said...

good luck dear! i know you can do it. :)

✖ ΔмΔℓƖиΔ ✖ said...

thanks babe ! <3 yeah2 , insyaAllah . pray for me :D